A Hybrid Fuzzy -LQR Control design for Seismic exited structural system Against Earthquake
کد مقاله : 1219-CFIS (R1)
سید مهدی حداد بایگی *1، علی کارساز1، رویا رمضان زاده2
1موسسه آموزش عالی خراسان
2دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحدگناباد
چکیده مقاله:
This paper suggests an effective hybrid control approach through getting together the optimal-based robust control and fuzzy logic controller. The proposed fuzzy-LQR controller, while having the advantages of the fuzzy logic control which is using heuristic knowledge, is easy to implement for decreasing the vibration amplitude of structural systems. The fuzzy-LQR controller is designed for a building equipped with an active tuned mass damper (ATMD). Considering three earthquake ground motion such as EL Centro (1940), Northridge (1994) and Mexico City (1995), the performance of the proposed fuzzy-LQR controller is evaluated. Then, the results are compared with a fuzzy controller and classical PID controller to show the better performance of the Fuzzy-LQR controller than the other strategies. The simulation results illustrate that the Fuzzy-LQR have better performance than the other strategies which are compared in reducing the amplitude of seismic responses of the structure in terms of displacement of all floors of the building.
کلیدواژه ها:
fuzzy logic control, LQR, Optimal-based robust control, earthquake.
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